Walmart shooting latest: Andre Bing claims he was called Dahmer and teased by coworkers in ‘manifesto’

Police spokesperson gives update on Walmart shooting

A chilling “death note” was recovered from a phone belonging to the suspected gunman who killed six people inside a Virginia Walmart store days before the Thanksgiving holiday.

In the alleged document released by Chesapeake officials on Friday morning, Andre Bing says he was “harassed by idiots” who compared him to the cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

The note includes his apologies to God and lambasts coworkers he believes bullied and betrayed him.

Police also reported that the 9mm handgun firearm used in the attack was purchased from a local store on the morning of November 22, hours before he fatally shot six colleagues and turned the gun on himself.

Witnesses have described how the horrifying events unfolded in the employee break room as investigators continue to piece together a motive.

President Joe Biden said the shooting, as well as the massacre inside a Colorado Springs LGBT+ club over the weekend, have underscored the need to outlaw “sick” assault weapons like the AR-style rifle used in that attack.


Walmart shooter claimed that colleagues called him Jeffrey Dahmer

He writes: “Police revealed that on Andre Bing’s cellphone, they discovered what he termed a “death note”, in which he complained about changes to his employment status, and what he termed other staff’s harassment of him about it.

“On the note were names that the authorities had blacked out, suggesting they were the ones he planned to attack.”

“They laughed at me and said I was like Jeffrey Dahmer,” he wrote, referring to the cannibal serial killer.

“I would never have killed anyone that would have entered my home.”

The Independent has the story:

Andrea Blanco26 November 2022 17:35


President Biden renews calls for ‘greater action’ on gun reform

President Joe Biden urged “greater action” to combat the proliferation of firearms in the US after a gunman fatally shot six people inside a Walmart in Virginia on Tuesday night.

The violence marks the second high-profile mass shooting in the US within three days, after five people were fatally shot and more than a dozen others were injured inside an LGBT+ club in Colorado Springs.

The mass shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia also comes just days after the fatal shooting of three University of Virginia football players.

Andrea Blanco26 November 2022 16:48


The youngest victim killed in the shooting was just 16 years old

Fernando Chavez-Barron had used his first paycheck working at Walmart to buy his mother a gift.

On Tuesday, he was killed when a gunman entered the break room where Chavez-Barron and other employees were waiting to begin their shifts and opened fire.

“I’m out of words, and speechless that it was him,” Joshua Trejo-Alvarado, a friend of Chavez-Barron, told WTKR.

“I was hoping everything was a dream until today. I wish he was still standing here with me. I prayed yesterday night with my whole family for him. We got flowers and candles at home for him, too.”

Andrea Blanco26 November 2022 15:39


These are the six victims killed during the shooting

Andre Bing walked into the break room where 14 employees were meeting shortly after 10pm and opened fire with a pistol on Tuesday night.

He then turned the gun on himself.

Those killed were Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Brian Pendleton, 38; Kellie Pyle, 52; Randall Blevins, 70; Tyneka Johnson, 22; and Fernando Chavez Jr., 16.

The Independent‘s Oliver O’Connell has the story:

Andrea Blanco26 November 2022 15:09


Walmart responds to Andre Bing’s ‘death note’

Charles Crowson, director of Walmart’s corporate communications, said in a statement after police released the alleged “death note” discovered on Andre Bing’s phone that “there is nothing that can justify taking innocent lives.

“There is nothing that can justify taking innocent lives,” he said.

“Our focus continues to be on the families who are grieving and supporting our associates through this difficult time.”

It is unclear whether Bing had complained to superiors about his coworkers.

Andrea Blanco26 November 2022 14:34


Second shooting at a Walmart within four days

Four days after Walmart manager Andre Bing killed six fellow employees at a Walmart in Virginia, another shooting took place at a Walmart in North Carolina.

The violence on Black Friday appeared to be separate, Fox reported. The suspect is still at large.

“This appears to be an isolated incident between two individuals who are familiar with each other,” the police department in Lumberton said. “The suspect has been identified and investigators are attempting to locate [sic] him at this time.”

One person was injured in the hip and taken to the hospital. The victim is expected to survive.

Andrea Blanco26 November 2022 13:51


Gun used in the mass shooting was legally purchased

Chesapeake Police confirmed on Friday that Andre Bing used a 9mm gun in the killings.

The weapon was legally purchased from an unspecified local store on the morning of the rampage on November 22.

Bing had no criminal history, police said. A box of ammunition, the gun’s receipt and paperwork were found at his home.

In Virginia, the home of the National Rifle Association, open carry of handguns without a permit is allowed.

Andrea Blanco26 November 2022 13:27


Walmart gunman reportedly kept ‘kill list’ of colleagues

A reporter claims to have discovered a discarded list of the names of Andre Bing’s coworkers, their shift hours, their departments and their work duties.

Alex Woodward26 November 2022 13:00


Walmart statement responds to ‘death note’

Charles Crowson, director of Walmart’s corporate communications, said in a statement after police released the alleged “death note” discovered on Andre Bing’s phone that “there is nothing that can justify taking innocent lives.

“Our focus continues to be on the families who are grieving and supporting our associates through this difficult time,” he added.

Police also disclosed this morning that the 9mm handgun was legally purchased on the morning before the attack at a local store, but authorities did not name the store.

The phone was recovered at the scene. Bing was found dead in the store’s break room, along with some of his victims. A box for the gun, a receipt and related paperwork were found at his home.

Investigators continue to probe the case but the note appears to be the strongest indicator of a motive.

Alex Woodward26 November 2022 12:00


Community raises more than $13,000 memorial fund for 11th grader killed in Walmart massacre

Community members gathered on Thursday to mourn Fernando Chavez Jr, one of the victims of the Chesapeake Walmart shooting.

Supporters have organized a memorial fund GoFundMe in his name, raising more than $13,000 as of Friday evening.

Chavez was remembered as “an amazing person who will be missed,” according to the page.

“He was an 11th grade honors student and new driver, who was excited about his first part-time job at Walmart,” the GoFundMe page continues. “An outstanding son and excellent big brother, he loved building with Legos. He will always be remembered as a humble, loving, responsible and hardworking young man.”

Alex Woodward26 November 2022 11:00

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